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ARIEX is a professional table tennis racket design and manufacturing company. ARIEX brand name was built up in 2005. We have more than 30-year experiences co-working with well-known brands in Europe, America, Japan, Korea, and China. We devote ourselves to high quality table tennis racketnot only on the racket mechanical design and development but also on the materials from the very beginning.

ARIEX aims at producing precise, high-quality and competitive racket with excellent R&D team, strict quality control system, and fine management. The commitment to the high quality is not only the ultimate goal we pursue but also our consistent principle.
ARIEX is special in juniper Hinoki table tennis racket. With our solid and efficient service and production, we are sure to bring forth the satisfaction of our customers and consumers. After decades of experiences in Taiwan table tennis racket industry, we finally decide to build up our own brand to provide high quality racket. We insist to make our rackets all in Taiwan to guarantee our quality including juniper, juniper plywood, and carbon-juniper compound plywood. Commitment to the quality



Natural aesthetics of the classic-KISO HINOKI

Kiso Mountains of Japan from the original natural forest can be said that Japan’s national treasure timber. Because wooden are white and ruddy complexion, wood veins uniformly dense. It is the scent of fragrance and decay characteristics. Only for large shrine, Shrine of the building materials may emperor. The world only to Taiwan, Japan and the United States has a natural juniper forests.

Are the highest conservation standards for the protection, can be described as the highest economic value of timber. Japanese KisoHinoki was lightweight wood, wooden flexible, very suitable as the basis for making table tennis racket materials, Is to produce the most advanced racket materials. ARIEX exclusive introduction of carefully selected top KisoHinoki, more than three decades in the production process and technology racket, the racket of the highest quality crafted to give such a rare KISO HINOKI has a new vitality.